Satoshi Geist Lambada Strawberry

39,00 inkl. MwSt.

Includes 19% MwSt.
(78,00 / 1 L)

500ml | 40 %VOL

We process the sweet-aromatic gourmet strawberry of the “Lambada” variety only in absolute fresh quality. This we obtain from the Lambada specialist Obsthof Eisenmann from Marbach near Ludwigsburg. All the green leaves and other non-aromatic protrusions are removed by hand. This is quite a labour-intensive process at 60kg per distillation. Here, one’s hand muscles dance the Lambada.

Before distillation, the Lambada strawberries are briefly macerated and then gently distilled. The beguilingly sweet Lambada aroma wafts up your nose as soon as you open the bottle, reminiscent of strawberry candy from your childhood. On your palate, however, a pure strawberry taste unfolds, neither sweet nor squeaky colourful, but honestly natural and long-lasting on the finish.

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