Satoshi “Geist” Sicilian Blood Orange Moro

49,90 inkl. MwSt.

Includes 19% MwSt.
(99,80 / 1 L)

500ml | 42 %VOL

This spirit of the Sicilian Moro Blood Orange was our first distillate, and from it came the idea for the fruity Satoshi Gin. In our opinion, the Moro variety is the ultimate gauge of the best citrus aroma. Sweet, slightly bitter, with a fine acidity and vastly superior in complexity to a conventional orange thanks to its characteristic aroma. Every single Blood Orange is selected by hand, checked lovingly for dents and peeled by hand. The intense aroma and the freshly peeled blood orange smelling distillate comes from the gentle maceration and distillation of the zests. Our orange grower said to this spirit only: “Lo non posso bere sempre limoncello dolce con zucchero!” (Always just drinking sweet limoncello is not an option).